These are some of the most frequently asked questions from customers.  If you have a question and don’t find it listed below, just contact us!  We’re happy to answer any questions you have.



Question:   Can you drink on the party bus?

Answer:  YES!!! You can drink alcohol on the party bus. You can bring your coolers on board. Alcohol MUST stay on the party bus during any stops though

Question:  Is food allowed on the party bus?

Answer:  Food is allowed on the party bus as well. Parties will be responsible for keeping the party  bus clean though and making sure all trash makes it to the provided trash containers.

Question:   Will there be music?

Answer:  OF COURSE!!! Go Party Bus has an amazing sound system. However, our drivers are no DJ’s and we encourage you to bring your own music and have fun partying with your favorite tunes. Any devices that connect by USB or auxiliary will be able to connect to our systems. We do have some music selections, but once again, it’s your party, so bring your music!!

Question:   What makes the party bus fun?

Answer:  It is a safe environment with an experienced driver. We have bright rope lighting, tinted windows, perimeter seating, and dance poles. Have fun partying it up with your friends between stops on the party bus!

Question:   Can personal items be left on the party bus?

Answer:  Yes, they may be left on the party bus at the owner’s personal discretion during party stops; however, Go Party Bus is not liable for any personal belongings. Go Party Bus is not responsible for personal injury or property damage including lost and/or stolen items.

Question:   Does the party bus stop for breaks?

Answer:  The party bus can and will stop for several restroom breaks at gas stations and can make any other stops that are needed for the party.